Tranform your business
with digital.

rather than focus on digital technology for the sake of it

Strategy is essentially a matter of execution. Thinking about your end goal from the outset will steer your transformation projects in the right direction.

A 3-step approach

As we point out in our book, Le marketing digital de @ à Z, digital platforms are not tools,
they are mere tactical tools to support a strategy.

enhancing your core business

The 1st option, and the easiest at first sight, is to help your core business. In this case, digital marketing will play to the full the synergy with established business processes, and in particular sales channels and processes. This is also where you’ll find innovative methods around “ubiquitous commerce”, for example, or digital experiences at points of sale.

expanding your core business

The 2nd option is to extend the core business by taking advantage of the digital world to offer new services (which add value to the core business).

beyond your core business

The 3rd level consists of going beyond the core business by diversifying and using digital marketing, in particular, to seek out new customers outside the company’s comfort zone, and using the digital domain to achieve – or help achieve – this transformation. This approach is often, if not always, associated with a question of branding and positioning between brands and sub-brands.

Digital transformation, which is often cited and understood in different ways, is a powerful concept provided its implementation is anticipated.