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Yann Gourvennec is the founder and director of the digital marketing agency Visionary Marketing. he is a marketer, web and social media practitioner, marketing speaker, lecturer and author.

From intrapreneur to entrepreneur

Yann Gourvennec is the founder of the Visionary Marketing digital marketing agency. In 2014, after many years spent getting organisations moving as an intrapreneur, he moved to the other side of the fence and took the entrepreneurial plunge. Passionate about marketing and digital, he has brought his marketing vision to bear on numerous projects that have contributed to innovation in large global companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Small is beautiful!

Amongst his main past achievements he digitised the Unisys price lists as early as 1988, designed and deployment of one of the world’s first CRMs across the Unisys Worldwide Sales Force between 1992 and 1995, his wrote first Internet intelligence proposal and website in 1995 ( archive), launched the internet-banking.com website (archive ) on behalf of Unisys UK in 1996, and launched his first e-commerce Internet site in 1996.

Yann sold thousands of unified messaging systems for pioneering European ISP Wanadoo in 1999 ( archive), pioneered WebTV in 2000, launched Web conferencing for France Télécom with Webex in 2001 (then a start-up), created his first blogs at the end of 2004, wrote his first recommendations for Web 2.0 within businesses in mid-2007, created the Orange Business Services blogs in 2008 and placed his company as one of the top brands on Twitter in France, joined Socialmedia.org in early 2008 and created Media Aces, its European counterpart in 2009.

About Yann Gourvennec’s Books and keynotes

Yann is a public speaker, presenting his experience and leading debates on the Internet, CRM, Marketing and the Social Web. He regularly delivers MBA and masters courses courses in French and English at various schools and businesses. He regularly organises webinars and real-life conferences. He is the author of numerous books on marketing and digital marketing.


contributor to
Pre-commerce by
Bob Pearson (2011)

Médias sociaux

co-author with Hervé Kabla of Mastering Social Media Like A Boss, published by Kawa (2011)

Communication digitale

co-author with Hervé Kabla of Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss, published by Kawa (2014)

Stratégie digitale

co-author with Hervé Kabla of Mastering Digital Strategy  Like a Boss, published by Kawa (2017)


co-author with a group of eight authors of Mastering the Lockdown like a Boss, published by Kawa (2020)

Marketing digital

co-author with Hubert Kratiroff of Digital Marketing From @ to Z published by Eyrolles (2024)

01 informatique retrace sa carrière

I was a  regular contributor to bnet UK until its demise in 2009 and 2010. I have a passion for  innovation, sharing and creating and learning, drawing and writing. I am also  a lecturer at the Paris University, the  Paris graduate school of management and  HEC at which I speak not only about the Social Web and e-business, but also e-commerce, electronic payments, Marketing, innovation and ICT marketing project management. As of mid 2016 I will also contribute on  Hootsuite’s US/CDN blog.


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